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Great Team

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We are a close knit team of developers,  designers and project managers who work together to create cutting edge web and mobile technologies tailored to your needs through stunning products. 

We believe that a great team functions best when highly skilled individuals who strive for constant improvement and innovation come together in a quest to create cutting edge products.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, Datics AI specializes in complete product development for businesses and startups alike. Integrity, innovation and serenity are what define us. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and promise them satisfaction through timely and quality services. Attention to detail and transparency are core values that we base in our relationships with our clients so that we leave no concern unaddressed. 

With the processes of a well-established enterprise and the agility of a startup, we form a unique combination as a service provider. Our relationships are symbiotic in nature where our clients help us learn more about ourselves through open feedback channels prompting mutual growth. We strongly believe in going up and beyond to meet our clientele’s expectations so that we leave a lasting impression as a success story to remember.

The key to our success is team unity. We believe in the importance of building a successful team with happy and invested individuals by providing them with the freedom and autonomy to exercise their talent and create outstanding products.

Our Vision

We believe in driving change using technology and innovation. This can help influence better business decision making prompting growth using the latest technologies and trends.

Our Mission

We are focused on utilizing technology-driven solutions to leverage data and save resources prompting better decision making.

Meet The Datics Family

We strive to give each product our very best. Meet the team that has work tirelessly to help bring our vision to life

Umair Majeed


Umar Majeed


Faraz Younis


Danyal Ahmad


Waseem Malik

Admin Manager

Waqas Akram

Sr. Android Developer

Husnain Rafiq

Software Engineer

Zulfiqar Ali

Frontend Developer

What we do

Datics has embarked on a journey to help businesses and startups strategize, plan, design and develop cross-platform software solutions. We aim to create solutions that provide a novel and cutting edge experience for users. By integrating high quality tech solutions across all domains, we empower businesses with better decision making skills and abilities. 

Shaping and Selecting The Right Resources

Plan, evaluate and assess the essential features the product requires to meet the forecasted goals by choosing the right resources.

Aesthetic and Functional Utility

Understanding, defining and designing the interface both for unique user experiences as well as a point to gauge business metrics from.

Meeting User Demands and Business Objectives

Reiterating features of the product to produce fast and secure solutions aimed to meet user demands and business objectives.

Rolling Out The Product

We finally put the product into production to be used in a real environment by all the end users of the product.

Preparing For Challenges

We employ a holistic approach to create solutions for potential obstacles the product can face in the market.

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