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Marketing Ideas 101


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Holidays are ideal for trying holiday marketing ideas / campaigns , simply because customers spend more than usual and even small businesses can make big bucks.

Have you tried holiday marketing ideas in the past? Or too fearful to incentivize your customers since you don’t have the margin? Either way, we totally get that it’s tough and competitive too as everyone is pushing products and sales.

Holiday season isn’t over yet, and there still is time. You can utilize Christmas promotion ideas and new year promotion ideas for giving your business a little boost.
If you try below holiday promotion ideas, you can grow your customer base and one-time buyers may become frequent buyers.

In this blog post, we will be sharing holiday marketing ideas for small businesses along with common mistakes to avoid this season.

1-Start using Google Shopping service

If you sell physical products, now is the time to start using Google Shopping as it’s extremely convenient for buyers to buy. Also, you must be visually appealing as your competitor may also be using the Google Shopping service.

2-Post a fun holiday ad on Instagram

When people are busy posting their family selfies during the holiday season why not post a fun ad on your Instagram. Organic posting can work for you if you get a little creative like put some holiday sweaters and put a picture on the page, you will get so many hearts.

3-A giveaway contest on social media

Using Instagram, you can plan a great giveaway contest but we recommend running social campaigns on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok and more. Who doesn’t like getting free stuff during holidays? You can offer a discount, free add-on, or something completely free. Typically, you can ask them to like, comment and share, this is a free way of increasing engagement.

4-Holidays email marketing campaigns

You may not be in a B2C business, for B2B emails are lucrative. However, B2C and B2B both can seek advantages. Send enticing seasonal emails saying merry christmas and offer some discount, could be a loyalty discount, anything you wish to offer.

5-Remarketing, don’t miss your returning customers

If you have a list of your buyers, who might have liked some categories in the past, you can remind them of the new arrivals by setting remarketing campaigns. Holiday season is good for remarketing because people are busy buying and are making decisions quickly.

6-Customer based profiling, get personalized

For marketing, you should know about your customer base and have data ready. Segmentation of your customer is helpful in preparing personalized emails for marketing. For instance, if you have mothers user base, you can craft a message around how stressful the holiday season is for mothers with a house full of kids.

7-Communicate your holiday message via fun video

We cannot emphasize enough that the more visual oriented you become, the more you will be able to reach your audience. Prepare a video and wish your customers a happy Christmas, it doesn’t need to be serious though.

8-Use Amazon for getting global reach

If you want a global reach, place your products on Amazon marketplace. You can use Amazon ads. However, we do recommend not to hop on to Amazon if you have no idea whatsoever.

9-Design festive holiday ads

Design Christmas, Thanksgiving, and new year ads with an in-house designer or hire one for holiday display campaigns. You can really build a cheerful relation with your audience and brand.

10-Get seasonal campaigns / ideas out as early as possible

You may feel like you are a bit late if you start in October/November, however, you can utilize seasonal discounts. Shoppers often start shopping early, so start building the hype after July/August.

Holiday marketing ideas

11-A memorable shopping experience, a quick checkout page (maybe)

During the holiday season, you may get many new users and if they get a good user experience out of your online store, they may return again. We say, optimize your checkout page or put a useful gift guide.

12-Free gift wrapping on every buy

This is one of the very practical holiday marketing ideas, which you can do in no time. Offer free gift wrap in every promotion you are using, be it Social media ads or Google ads, or an email.

13-Holiday referral program, hand-in-hand benefits

Prepare a well structured referral program for holiday as this facilitates the company in expanding the customer base, improving awareness, and reducing customer churn rate.

Word of mouth or say recommendations from family and friends are still the strongest influence for buying a product/ service.

14-Hold social media events

Let’s take an example: Sephora, a beauty brand, has the most engaging content. Around Christmas they organize a number of events, one of which is Beauty Chat Rooms for guiding their followers ‘how to do hairstyling during holidays?’ is one such topic.

15-Use influencers’ power

‘Paid partnership’ you often see in ads on social media, usually done with the social media influencers as they have the power to mold the buying decisions of end customers.

3 mistakes to avoid during Christmas promotion ideas

1-Focusing on only one marketing tactic

2-Sending emails in bulk without making proper listings/segregations

3-Failing to launch campaign on time

Final verdict

A well-planned holiday marketing campaign / strategy comes with great benefits. If you utilize any one of these quick holiday marketing tips, you will get a good number of conversions. On the flip side, try out different strategies, test engaging stuff and see how your audience engages.

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