Passive Income with ChatGPT

Earn Passive Income with ChatGPT and MidJourney

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The article that we will be looking at today will explore how to generate a passive income with ChatGPT with the help of MidJourney to help materialize the final product. The core example that we will focus on is selling a book for children on Amazon.

While scrolling through Amazon for potential side business ideas, I came across a bunch of storybooks for kids. After researching, I discovered that by selling simple storybooks, sellers could make anywhere from $16,000 upwards from one book alone!

The most amazing bit about this is that these books can be published on Amazon KDP, for 100% FREE! So naturally, my mind tilted towards trying to uncover a method to generate passive income while sleeping. Hence, this blog.

Through this blog, we will be taking a look at how to launch a similar business starting from generating the book content idea, and the main content, to high-quality illustrations, all with the help of AI Technology.

If you are interested in generating passive income with ChatGPT, read till the end of this blog!

But First of All, What Is ChatGPT?

Passive Income with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a natural language tool that is powered by AI Technology. It allows you to have human-like conversations through a variety of prompts. Released to the public on November 30th, 2022, ChatGPT amassed a total of 57 million active users during its first month.

ChatGPT performs a variety of functions, ranging from writing any sort of content, customized for Marketers, Sales, Product Managers, Programmers, Strategists, SEO Specialists, and much more! Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the potential to generate passive income with ChatGPT was uncovered and utilized.

Now let us take a look at utilizing ChatGPT to start the process of passive income generation. 

Creating The StoryBook

Passive Income with ChatGPT

The Title

As you know, in order to create a good storybook, the first plan of action is to come up with a good story idea. To this end, we simply put in the following prompt to ChatGPT:

‘Generate a storybook title for kids’

The answer to this was ‘The Magical Garden’, which I did not like and felt like it needed something a bit more exciting. After asking ChatGPT to revise this, I ended up with ‘The Adventures of Tommy and Timmy: The Search for the Lost Treasure’

The next step would be to ask ChatGPT for more details of the story. The response stated that the book was targeted at children from the ages of 5 to 8 and was about two young friends who embarked on a thrilling adventure to find hidden treasure lost in a jungle. 

Satisfied with what I had, I now decided to move on to the next section of this process. 

Story Outline

For our next step, we will ask ChatGPT to create a story outline for our book. As a result, ChatGPT generates the chapter and each chapter includes the scenes in detail:

Chapter 1: The Lost Treasure
Chapter 2: The Wise Old Parrot
Chapter 3: The Mischievous Monkey
Chapter 4: The Thieves
Chapter 5: The Hero’s Welcome

Now that we have generated the story outline, we can now start creating the actual story content based on the chapters. All that we need to do for this is copy the first chapter and set the prompt ‘write a rhythm story’.

Once this is done, read it and revise it to your liking. Follow the same process with all the chapters and you will realize that it only takes a few minutes to create a complete story ready to be converted into a book that can help you earn passive income with ChatGPT (as a text generator).

If you think about it, it is actually quite crazy how fast we managed to come up with the story idea and all the chapters and story content. However, we really have not started yet because what comes next is mindblowing. 

Creating Illustrations Using Artificial Intelligence

We all know that even if we have the best story idea, it will not be worth much without illustrations that best represent the story. We can always pay a significant amount for artists to complete these illustrations, through platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

But what if I told you that it was possible to generate these images using an AI Art generator, completely free? Would you believe that?

Surely, you have heard of AI Art and how you can generate complete original images by typing some words. There are many options available, and after trying a bunch, MidJourney provides the best experience, in my opinion.  

How To Generate Images Using MidJourney?

In order to generate your image, you need to start with the following prompt: /image. In the case of my storybook, we use the prompt ‘Tommy and Timmy discover the map leading to the lost treasure’. After this, simply write ‘/imagine’ and then the chapter subheading.

After this, there will be two rows of options that appear underneath the generated image. These options are used to upscale the image and chose between four variations of the generated image with similar style and composition.

Clicking on U1 will upscale the first image, while v! Will create new variations of the first image. To save the image, right-click on the image, and click on ‘open link’. Right-click again and save it to your device.

In order to maintain the same style to generate the second image, do the following:

Copy the image link n then:
/> imaging > Image Link > Explain New Image.

If you need to refer to a quick guide on how to use MidJourney for this purpose, click here.

How To Use Canva To Generate Text

Passive Income with ChatGPT

The next step in completing this storybook will be to use the text created by ChatGPT in accordance with the images produced by MidJourney. The best way to do this is to go to Canva and search for the storybook. Click on ‘create a blank storybook’. Add your AI-Generated Images onto Canva. Then simply drag and drop your first image into the template.

Copy your text from ChatGPT and paste it on top of your image. Adjust the text as you like. You can adjust the color, font style, shadows, and more. Canva is great as it is free and easy, beginner friendly, and requires no prior designer skills.

Next, click on ‘duplicate page’ and add new text and images, while maintaining the set style and design. Replicate this process for all the chapters in your book. Once you are done, simply save the book as a PDF Print. 

You Are Now Ready To Earn Passive Income From ChatGPT & MidJourney

Congratulations, you have now created your very first storybook! There is now only one more step left to start making passive income with ChatGPT & MidJourney: Publish your book on Amazon by following this instructional guide.

Here is a quick recap of all the steps you need to do:

#1: Generate the story idea
#2: Generate the story outline and chapters
#3: Generate the illustrations
#4: Add the story text to the images
#5: Publish your book on Amazon

And that is about it, you are done and ready to start earning!

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