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Python Vs Swift


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Each programming language evolves with time and its popularity changes every year.
There are two languages becoming a next-choice for project development in the recent few years i.e. Python and Swift.

Python is a popular programming language because of its extensive modules, strong community and comprehensive documentation. Swift is new in the block but is winning developers’ support as it’s fast, reliable, secure and open source.
More often, developers and our clients are aware of the basic concept of these languages but where they lack knowledge is the type of project ideal for which programming language and what clear differences and similarities do these languages hold.

In this blog post, we will explore differences, similarities, basic concepts and facts you should know while choosing a language for project development.

Python vs Swift, what difference you should know

What’s Python – the concept

Python programming language – high level and object-oriented, surfaced in 1991. At first, the purpose of the language was in scripts and prototyping but later over time developers were enabled to use it for fulfilling varying other tasks.

These days, Python is used in machine learning, backend development, frontend development, game development, and product development.

Here are some of the popular usage of Python in the software industry.

Facts about Python programming language

1-Python on GitHub has 125.8 followers

2-Python can check multiple conditions at the same time i.e. there can be multiple comparisons, it follows chain comparison.

3-Python returns multiple values using a function, not possible with Java, C and other languages.

4-The language doesn’t need a compiler, it relies on an interpreter.

5-Python doesn’t support pointers.

6-Python has variants of C and Java i.e. CPython and Jython etc.

7-Allows you to easily unpack list or dictionary of all functions

8-Can implement ‘else’ within ‘for’ loop

9- 2790 companies are using Python in their technology stack.

What’s Swift – the concept

A powerful general-purpose programming language developed in 2014 by Apple and it’s used to support iOS, iPadOS, nacOS, watchOS and tvOS interfaces.

Swift was built with a purpose to replace Objective-C which lacked some modern language features. Swift, an open-source and fastest growing language after Python and it’s ranked in top 10 popular languages in the world.

Syntax of Swift is concise yet expressive and encircles all the modern features any developer wishes to have in a language.

Facts about Swift programming language

1-Swift combines best of C and Objective C without compatibility issues

2-Supports many modern programming languages

3-Based around modern practices of programming languages like JS, Ruby, Kotlin etc.

4-Swift is easier to learn than Objective C.

5-Swift is not fast as the name suggests and it’s with Objective C without C in it.

6-Apple started working on the language in 2010 and nobody knows about the language till 2014.

7- There are 979 companies using Swift in their technology stack.

Swift vs Python, what similarities do they have

There are few features which are common in both languages.

1- Open-source and general purpose resourceful languages.

2- Clear and concise language syntax

3- Both languages have RELP environment, facilities finding errors in code and debugging

4- Average salary of Python and Swift developers is good. (Although Python developers are paid more)

5-Both languages have unicode strings (Python has richer string support)

6-Simple syntax and vast libraries they have.

Final verdict

Python is a clear winner in most of the use cases in terms of development but we cannot ignore certain facts which makes Swift an ideal choice for a project / app development. Python isn’t new, backed by a strong community; however, Swift (comparatively new) is truly emerging if we look into its speed and simple syntax.

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