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Social media apps are not just for chatting with friends and family anymore, rather social mediums are places where a buyer and a seller meet. These days, finding an ideal client (LinkedIn) via social networking has become easier. All of us rely on social media apps, one way or another.

If you want to develop one of the social apps, there is a huge market but how to get traction is another question.

Before we move forward, let us tell you that there are different types of social media apps i.e.

-Social networking apps e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn

-Media sharing apps e.g., Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok

-Discussion forums e.g., Quora, Reddit

-Blogging sites e.g., WordPress, Medium

-Interest-centric apps e.g., Goodreads

-Content sharing apps e.g., Flipboard, Pinterest

-Consumer review apps e.g., Yelp

In this blog post, we will be covering social media app development costs and features for 4 major social media platforms/apps i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.

Facebook-like app development – features, time estimate and cost

We can clone almost any app or any social networking app like Facebook or LinkedIn. The facebook-like app is extensive due to its features, its user friendly, allows users to find friends, relatives, and colleagues via networking regardless of the geographical location.

-Around 2.74 billion monthly active users.

-400 users signing up every minute.

-500,000 users added to Facebook daily.

-Facebook acquires 59% of the world’s social population.

-World’s 3rd most visited social networking site.

-Second most downloaded app in the world (after Tiktok)

(Stats by Hootsuite)

Facebook features Time estimate (backend, Android and iOS
Registration/Signup through mobile or email 36 hours
Facebook profile 220 hours
Integrated messenger to chat with friends 164 hours
Intuitive search option 44 hours
User feed 132 hours
Push notifications 36 hours
Share tests, photos, and videos 78 hours
Play games and discover nearby friends/events/places 120 hours

How much does it cost to develop a Facebook-like app?

-US and Canada based developers – $100-300/ hour

-Australian developers – $60-170/ hour

-Western Europe and UK developers – $45-185/ hour

-Eastern Europe developers – $35-150/ hour

LinkedIn-like app development: Features, time estimate, and cost

LinkedIn is the top B2B professional networking app. My network, homepage, profile and notifications are the most viewed features of LinkedIn. The app design and development cost rely on the types of features (either advance or basic) and the region from where you hire developers/ your development team.

-LinkedIn has 722 million active users monthly

-40 million people search for job each week

-3 people are hired every minute

-60% increase in content creation over the platform in 2020

-55% increase in conversations among connections in 2020

(Stats by Hootsuite)

LinkedIn features Time estimate (backend, Android and iOS)
Registration/Signup using mobile number, Gmail or Facebook account 36 hours
LinkedIn profile 220 hours
Intuitive search option/ ML filters 56 hours
Newsfeed 132 hours
Push notifications 36 hours
Add post/write article 78 hours
Direct/instant messaging 120 hours

How much does it cost to develop LinkedIn-like app?

LinkedIn app development cost –


US developer – $50-300/ hour Single platform price $15000-25000
Eastern Europe developer – $40-170/ hour More than one platform, add $25000 per platform
Asian developer – $30-160/ hour


Instagram-like app development – features, time estimate and cost

A popular app in the media sharing network category. Instagram users can share photos, videos in a very interactive manner. These days apps test and try every other feature to harness or scale app growth.

-1 billion plus active users monthly

-88% of the users are from outside US

-30 minutes average time spent every day

-130 million users tap on shopping posts every month

-500 million people use stories every day

-1x average Instagram business post per day

(Stats by Hootsuite)

Instagram features Time estimates
Signup/Authorization with email, number, Facebook account 36 hours
Facebook authorization 30 hours
User profile 220 hours
Instagram stories 120 hours
Geolocation 115 hours
Search 56 hours
Direct messaging 120 hours
Feed and display setting 132 hours
Media Upload, Photo editing 90 hours

How much does it cost to develop an Instagram-like app?

-US and Canada based developers – $50k-80k

-Eastern Europe developers – $30-80/ hour

Tiktok-like app development – features, time estimate and cost

A multi-value immersive experience-based mobile app for Android and iOS users. A short video creation and distribution app has drawn a lot of attention and people are more its clone development now. On average, users spend 52 minutes daily on Tiktok (The App Solutions).

-1.1 billion monthly active users

-7th most used social media site

-13.3 hours average time spent by Android users / month

-Ocean Spray earned 15 billion media impressions in less than a month

-2nd biggest app in consumer spend

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(Stats by Hootsuite)

Tiktok features Time estimate
Login 36 hours
User profile 220 hours
Video uploading 120 hours
Video editing (video effects, stickers, animations, slow-motion effects, masks) 320 hours
Reactions 56 hours
Social sharing 120 hours
Duet (asking other users to duet with them) 78 hours

How much does it cost to develop Tiktok app?

The average cost of developing a Tiktok app is between $30,000 to 85,000 depending upon the set of features, technology stack, resources, and the platform.

Final verdict

Henceforth, you got an idea of some popular social media apps features, the time required for development, and cost. If you want to build a complex social media app that has a unique set of features, the best user interface, and support, and is meant for different platforms, you should not expect any less than $100,000 in general.

The cost estimation covers the UI design, custom development, business analysis and documentation, project management, and a QA team. Please bear in mind that the above-quoted prices are for information sharing and ultimate project estimation cannot be determined before the project assessment by our business development team.

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