Camptown Outfitters

The Camptown Outfitters E-Commerce case study served to provide service of facilitating the sale of camping, and outdoor gear along with RV parts (components), and truck accessories.

Launch Date: 2021

RV Online Store
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Need For An RV Online Store

The Camptown Outfitters E-Commerce case study served to provide service of facilitating the sale of camping, and outdoor gear along with RV parts (components), and truck accessories. There was a need to digitize the means through which these products could be interacted with. The need for an RV Online Store platform arose from acquiring the ability to be able to control every facet of the customer experience ranging from branding, promotional campaigns, interface, and ultimately product shipping and customer service.

The requisition for this project also rested upon the fact that by digitizing these services, a greater number of target customers would be reached, ultimately driving up sales, saving costs, and promoting brand awareness and recognition.
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RV Online Store Datics

Our Solution

The client had requested the product be designed specifically for the B2B (business to business) segment. It had a data-driven or analytical type of solution. There was no existing application or project in place to be refined. However, there were several similar e-commerce websites that existed online at the time of this project’s development. This project was created from scratch with an approach of full-fledged development with a dedicated team or resources assigned to the client.
The major modules of the project consisted of the following:
The users of these modules constituted customers from across the globe. What these modules essentially empowered the users to do was buy products online, instead of physically visiting the designated warehouse or store(s). The cart and order tracking served to fulfill the purpose of order management, stock management, product display, and customer checkout. The site search empowered the users, or customers, to search for, and filter out products, according to the respective categories, from across the domain in less time and in an easier and more efficient manner. The shopping cart module facilitates the purchase of the product that the customer has selected and acts as the bridge between shopping and buying. Customers can ‘save’ their selected items by adding them to the shopping cart. This module neatly organizes the listed items and displays the total price of the items underneath the list. After finalizing the shopping cart, users can then proceed to checkout. Through the product description module, the user was able to access the product information line, including its expected quality, available quantity, an analysis of features with other products, and the set price.
This allowed the customer(s) to make a more informed decision about their purchase. Through the online payment(s) module, the customers were allowed to purchase any listed product by making a payment through credit or debit cards.

Projects Milestones/Deliverables:
The project was essentially divided into multiple milestones in order to ensure that there was a thorough review and consequently sufficient feedback from the client on a regular basis, instead of opting for a full-fledged project approach to get the feedback at once altogether.

The major project milestones were the following:

Team Logistics:

Hours Worked: To Be Confirmed | Frequency Of Updates: Weekly and Bi-weekly
RV Online Store Datics

What The RV Online Store Offered:

There were several outcomes of the Camptown Outfitters project. The platform now provided a very user-friendly navigation and interface. This included a thorough and indexed site search functionality of the domain. There were product videos that were listed along with product reviews and enticing product descriptions, elaborating on the utility and specific features of each particular item on sale. Additionally, there were customer reviews in place for each product in order to set an expectation for a particular product. Product availability filters were also included to demonstrate whether or not a particular item or product was available for purchase. Additionally, frequently asked questions, or FAQs, were included for each product to help facilitate customers make more informed decisions about their purchases.
Post-ordering facilitation included order tracking, which helps customers track their order delivery status from the point of purchase to the eventual in-person delivery. The Camptown Outfitters RV Online Store website also included an Email Opt-In option for customers to utilize in order to access information about promotional campaigns or to track their order status. Lastly, the shopping cart and payment systems served to facilitate and bridge the gap between buying and selling, allowing customers to easily shortlist their expected purchases and conveniently make payments through debit or credit cards. A direct and very central consequence of this project was that users could now purchase products online instead of visiting the physical location of stores and warehouses.
Furthermore, by employing Datics as its technological partner and product developer, the Camptown Outfitters RV Online Store project was created and ensured with scalability and most importantly security.

Development Frameworks

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