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12 years ago, we came up with the idea of building a great team with the goal of creating amazing digital products for startups and companies. Like every other company out there, we started as a small business but we have dedicated ourselves to create products and also care for each individual’s happiness at the same time. What made us Atolye15 is that we always try to keep the chemistry of the team alive, and eventually we grow.

More than twelve years and 200 projects later; we proudly say that we have made a significant impact on some of the best products on the market and in the startup ecosystem.


There was a need to maintain the aesthetic sense and fundamental interior designing principles while viewing optimal object placement in different types of rooms (bedroom, TV Lounge, etc)


This challenge was approached using genetic algorithms. Initially, a set of five chromosomes was generated with a fixed number to reduce processing time. The following rules applied for chromosomes generation:

Snap furniture object to the closest object.
Snap furniture object to the closest wall.
Connect furniture object with one of possible parents.
Add new children to the parent object.
Add new furniture object to the layout.
Remove random object from the furniture layout.
Align furniture object with the closest object.
Align furniture object with the closest wall
Randomly change the position of furniture object.
Randomly change the orientation of furniture object.

The next step, the fitness function, has ruled based fitness functions. If the chromosomes fit these rules then it is considered as the best fit. The following rules are utilized to test fitness:

Clearance. Furniture objects require an empty space from specific
directions to be used by humans

Circulation. Furniture objects have to be physically accessible
by people.
Group Relationships. We express the relationships between
objects in terms of average distance of objects of the same type
Alignment. In interior design, the objects should be properly
oriented and aligned to their supporting surfaces and to other objects.

Distribution and Rhythm. The furniture objects should be properly distributed in space and the frequency of this distribution should follow a rhythm.
After in case population failed the fitness test then algorithm moves n=back to the step
one and repeat itself.


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Viewing optimal object placement while maintaining fundamental interior designing principles.

Industry: Augmented Reality
Region: USA


Viewing optimal object placement while maintaining fundamental interior designing principles.

Industry: Augmented Reality
Region: USA


Braden Ericson |

Founder & CEO Sparrow marketing

Datics team was great to work with. They were very proactive and helped me define the requirements for the project and were able to navigate the pivots I threw at them during our development period. They built a database, APIs, and an ML model beyond expectations. The team is actively fixing bugs that are popping up as we test and are a fun team to have weekly syncs with.

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