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Datics believes in fostering an environment that enables our team to express themselves best. We promote a workplace culture that empowers employees to take complete ownership of their individual work and projects. As a result, this promotes productivity, job satisfaction and cultivates healthy workplace relationships which lays the foundations for a united and happy organization.

“True leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes imperfectly expressed… Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.”

– Sherly Sandberg, COO, Facebook



A positive work environment is crucial for employee development. Our focus has always been on developing our team members by recognizing and rewarding their efforts, achievements and success. We also consider it important to welcome novel ideas in the workplace by promoting two way communication and undertaking the responsibility to make changes accordingly to ensure that we develop as a collective unit.


Datics believes in empowering our workforce by granting freedom and autonomy on the job and by providing the necessary resources to help complete the tasks at hand. We pride ourselves on our individual strengths and want our employees to express themselves in their work as they see best. With a constant feedback loop in place, Datics ensures that every task is an opportunity to learn and grow from.


Fun in the workplace is important to relieve stress, boost productivity and creativity, promote communication and ultimately increase job commitment and satisfaction. We organize yearly trips, company dinners, field trips and for a day to day basis, an inhouse recreational room to ensure the Datics family remains happy and satisfied!

What we believe in

The greatest asset a company has is its people. We welcome our team members with complete transparency and inclusivity to ensure they feel satisfied and appreciated.

We take each task and project as an opportunity to learn and grow from. Our open and continuous feedback loop ensures that we continue to grow on all ends of the company.

We guarantee to remain engaged in the complete product development and support in each of our projects. To ensure this, we keep an open communication channel with our clients so that no concern is left unaddressed.

Ownership of our work keeps us energized on the job. We develop top of the line products that are fast, efficient and which reflect our efforts to the best of our abilities so that we may fulfil and satisfy our clients expectations and demands.

We make sure that no sides are left ignored. Our employees receive recognition for their efforts, dedication and commitment. Similarly, our clients receive services that depict our involvement and commitment to the project through work quality and pricing.

Datics always welcomes novel ideas and ensures a two way communication channel remains open for an effective feedback loop among the workforce. We pride ourselves on inclusivity and believe that can only be achieved if everyone’s’ voices are heard.

Datics Core Values

The core values at Datics serve as an important guiding principle in deciding between what is productive and what is not. It is only through a healthy workplace environment that our teams can bring their ideas together, focus and fully immerse themselves in a committed and dedicated product development and support process.

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