Datics AI - Software Engineer – MERN Stack

Software Engineer – MERN Stack

Experience: 2+ years

Education: At least a 4 years bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related subject.

We are seeking a skilled Software Engineer for creating software solutions that meet our clients’ needs. You will be responsible for building new and maintaining existing web-based applications.

To be successful as a Software Engineer, you should have a good understanding of RESTful APIs services and agile web development using cutting-edge web technologies and platforms. Successful candidates should be able to write solid code with excellent unit test coverage.



– Modern-day JavaScript (ES6, ES7) – Experience with Redux + Redux Saga/ React Query

– Experience with NodeJs, ExpressJs, NestJs or any other related frameworks.

– Understanding of ORM and RDBMS (e.g.Postgres, Sequelize, TypeORM etc)

– Modern-day JavaScript build tools (e.g. Webpack, Babel.js)

– Understanding of HTML/CSS and its frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI

– Source version control system i.e. Git, BitBucket

– Knowledge of best practices (coding styles, standard naming conventions, reusability, security, etc).

– Experience working with Typescript is highly desirable

– Peer code reviews.



– Display excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

– Teamwork

– Ensuring that you adhere to development schedules and deadlines.

– Presenting regular progress reports and setting goals.

– Testing the final product to ensure it is completely functional and meets requirements.

– Troubleshooting and resolving issues with coding or design.

Apply here: talent@datics.ai

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