dev ops & cloud computing

Datics.AI provides very low maintenance and high performance cloud based solution to the data minig problems. We aim to reduce machines usage and gaining the power of cloud storage like:

Migrating to the cloud can transform

your business efficiency

From on-premise to the cloud – arange of benefits:

Drive App revenue and

performance into the cloud

Scalable architecture is an essential part of every project – leverage
powerful tools that help you do more including CircleCI, Docker, DataDog, Terraform and Prometheus.

Choosing the right technology
can make or break your app's success

Learn the perfect recipe for resilient web applications based on a unique methodology:

Discover the power of DevOps

Devops is one of the essential parts of every project – to meet the expectations of our clients we use the latest DevOps tools such as CircleCI, Docker, DataDog, Terraform and Prometheus.
These technologies enable us to maintain environment consistency and high predictability throughout the entire development and deployment process. As a result we can spot all potential issues before they happen.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our DevOps team makes sure that the infrastructure we use to develop apps is scalable.
We use many external plateforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean and Heroku to fulfil our clients’s need, from cloud computing, storage and content delivery to database and DNS management. Our team also includes certified AWS Solutions Architect Associates – Datics is an AWS Select Consulting Partner.

Continous Deployment and Integration

Every pull request automatically creates an isolated ‘integration’ environment with its own database. This allows developers and QA engineers to instantly preview the delivered code before it is merged with one of the main branches. Using this workflow simplifies and facilitates the development and testing processes.