computer vision & deep learning



Empowering cities with computer vision to create a smarter and safer environment.

Facial Deographics for Marketing and Planing

Understand gender, age and count people in your city. Our Clients gather this demographic information to understand the needs of residents and visitors alike. Our services are often used to understand key elements of a particular area of the city, help advertisers and brands target segments and areas for personalized of ads.

Facial Recognition and Verification for Security

We provide with facial recognition and verification technology that allow cities and property managers to achieve facial matches of particular subjects of interest. Facial verification provides security features for residents and law enforcement to identify.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning DL is an aspect of Artificial Intelligence AI that emulates the learning approach that human beings use to gain certain types of knowledge. With the advent of Big Data technologies and the powers of Cloud Computing, the powers of DL is within the reach of every enterprise. Datics helps enterprises effectively harness DL technologies and turn them into profitable business ventures.