Natural Language Processing & SPEECH


Today’s commercial natural language systems like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant only understand commands, not conversations. People can’t express complex ideas with commands; multi-turn dialog is needed to communicate effectively.

Semantic Machines is developing technology that goes beyond understanding commands, to understanding conversations. Our Conversational AI represents a powerful new paradigm, enabling computers to communicate, collaborate, understand our goals, and accomplish tasks.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps in processing the natural language and extracting relevant information for the organization through text analytics. Several enterprises nowadays use Natural Language Processing in AI to optimize customer support in their firm, monitor social media and to easily find the information by analyzing the text.
IT Solution 24x7 offers a solution for different sorts of organization and enterprises in training data, evaluating, and working with unstructured images, text, and videos for Machine Learning (ML). Unlock the true value of the text data with our reliable platform and use Natural Language processing in AI to make better decisions and suggestions.

Connect the Data Sources to Our Web Analytics Platform

imageControl Spamming

Using NLP algorithms and text classification, we create spam detectors to control spamming

imageSemantic Search

Enable apps to perform deep searches by understanding the user intent and the context through their search queries using NLP Techniques.

imageMessenger or Chatbot

Let 24/7 functioning, intelligent, self-improving chatbots to handle queries and transfer customers to live agents when needed. Reduce customer service costs and increase customer satisfaction.

imageSentiment Analysis Solution

We provide accurate results with sentiment-analysis solutions, which the traditional sentiment solutions can’t provide. We follow humans in the loop approach that tailors every step of the process and goes beyond the simple sentiment analysis to provide you the intent behind the sentiments.

imageEntity Recognition

Entity Recognition is used to identify various entities in text and classify them into predefined classes. It can extract data in any type of text, like from web page, piece of news or content of social media.

imageIntent Classification

We offer intent classification service that is very essential for training and designing chatbots, virtual assistants and other human-machine interaction systems.

imageText Categorization

The text categorization service is a smart technique to classify text into categories. With the help of machine learning, these tasks have become super fast and super easy. Datics helps in simplification of a complex article or detection of spam in emails and any other service you require related to the text classification.

imageExtract data from PDF

We also provide the service of building optical character recognition models that improves human intelligence to a great extent. You can extract the data you are interested in, from the PDFs and can also annotate those areas for the future extraction or for the validation of existing data.

imageGrammatical & Discourse Analysis

We can verify grammatical components in order to train or improve your algorithm.

imageExtract Information using NLP

Our NLP services can highlight the important points and can also identify the parts of texts that are beneficial for you. This is used when you need to understand the subject, context or the topic of a text.

imageSpeech Recognition

Identify the textual recognition of the speech and provide correct results for search and analytics.

imageQuestion Answering

With intelligent chatbots, get relevant answers to questions asked by humans in natural language.

imageAudio & handwriting transcription

Our team can transcribe audio clips including domain-specific audio such as earning calls.

imageEmotional Meaning

Identify the textual recognition of the speech and provide correct results for search and analytics.


Extract appropriate keywords and summarize long documents to help with information overload.

imageMachine Translation

Automatically converts one language to another without changing the meaning of the input text.