7-Day Workshop to Enhance Software Quality & Performance

Improve the quality of your software & IT system with our 7-day extensive QA assessment workshop. Get an in-depth audit of your product to identify and resolve any performance, functionality or responsive issues.

How QA Assessment Consultancy Will Help Your Business?

Are you struggling with poor software quality, high costs and delays in development? All these issues will result in losing the interest of the end user for your product. Our QA assessment consultancy services can help. This service is specially design to cater your needs within a 7-day workshop where our team of experts will fix bugs in your software and IT system.
QA process improvement
QA process improvement

QA process setup
QA process setup

QA process audit
QA process audit

Pre-certification  QA aid
Pre-certification QA aid

Test automation  introduction
Test automation introduction

Consulting on testing a  specific software type
Consulting on testing a specific software type

Types of QA Assessment Consultancy We Perform

Software Audit

Application Audit​

Responsive Testing

Functional Testing

Our Approach To QA Assessment Consultancy

Our approach to quality assessment testing is comprehensive and data-driven. We use the latest testing tools and industry best practices to conduct a rigorous analysis of your software and identify potential issues. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Phase 1: Initiate

Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services

1 Day

Statement of Work Scope Definition
Initiate the activity.

Phase 2: Discovery

1 Day

Identify pain areas Understand techniques being followed

Connect with PM(s) / project team(s) to identify the pain areas and understand how testing is being done by them.

Phase 3: Assessment

Company Values - Transparency

2 Day

Assess testing techniques being followed Gaps and loopholes identification

Assess the current techniques and frameworks that are being followed by the project team(s). In case of multiple projects, we also identify which project needs our attention the most.

Phase 4: Collect

Company Values - Innovation

1 Day

Defects leakage, defect density etc. are collected

Collect the data and information including defect leakage, defect density, test coverage etc.

Phase 5: Report

Company Values - Customer Satisfaction

2 Day

Final Report Observations & Recommendations

Create a report that identifies the gaps, observations, and recommendations to improve the processes.

QA Assessment Testing Tools We Use

Automation Testing Tools

Performance Testing Tools

API Testing Tools