Start the Automation and Digitization of Your Business Processes

Every work day in almost any company is shaped by repetitive processes that nobody likes to do but need to be done. But how

can these important processes be optimized? From now on, these will be handled by an intelligent RPA-Software-Robot.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

imageRepetitive Process

Mainly serves for business process which are ruled based.

imageMimic Execution

RPA operates the same way as employee.

imageExisting Software

It can be implemented on the existing software.


One of the main advantage is its scaliability.


The Meaning of RPA
RPA in Process mangement
How Exactly can RPA help?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by definition is a technology-solution for fully automatic processing of rule-based, structured business processes with the use of software robots. RPA takes over tasks and processes like one of your employees and uses the interfaces of your existing applications.

Just imagine a software robot being a slightly different employee. However, RPA does not replace your company’s existing software systems, the existing software architecture is controlled with RPA as though by a virtual collaborator. Additionally, RPA takes over data and document processing without fundamentally changing your IT infrastructure.

Are there repetitive and time-consuming tasks in your company that keep your employees from dealing with important issues and creative tasks? RPA can handle them for you and not only improve your staff’s efficiency, it can help to significantly cut costs. No matter if it’s industrial production or service and service processes – any repetitive and time-consuming task in your organization is likely to be an option for Robotic Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation - Comparison Manual vs. Automated

The chart illustrates the positive effects of Robotic Process Automation. In a manually executed process (creating dunning letters in accounting), repetitive activities in applications require a high amount of time. In an

automated process, software robots carry out the repetitive tasks and complete these considerably faster with an accuracy of 100%. The result: 70% more time-efficient!

Creating a dunning letter

Manual Process
imageCopy Dataimage
imageCreate Letterimage
imageInsert Data
12 minutes
Automated Process
70% Cost Saving
imageCopy Dataimage
imageCreate Letterimage
imageInsert Data
5,4 minutes
imageCognitive Automation

Intelligent automation comprising of bots, that learn as they process, by observing people at work.

imageWorkforce Management

Bots are a virtual workforce that can be controlled by business operations teams.

imageRPA Analytics

Bots yielding real-time process statistics & operational analytics for high process efficiency.

imageBots on Demand

Unmatched RPA scaling capabilities, that ensures 'on-demand' deployment of bots at a short notice.

imageRPA Infrastructure

Technology architecture & infrastructure needed for effective deployment of bots.

imageEnterprise Automation

Automate any process end-to-end while improving "Human-Bot" collaborations.

imageTask Automation
imageWeb Scraping
imageInvoice Automation