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We specialize in designing, developing, and scaling web and application development services for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

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Case Studies

We build customized solutions for businesses to compete, seize new opportunities, overcome business challenges in some of the world’s leading marketplaces.
Case Studies | Secure Tax Office

Property Tax Management Solution

We created a custom web application for the client. It included modules for Batch Management, Payment Collections, Refund Processing, Transaction Reversals, Redemption Payments, Closing Month & Distributions, Tax Sale Management, and Change Order Processing & Reports.


We built a web portal for the client that allows automotive dealerships to view and analyze centralized data from global dealerships. It provides real-time insights on sales, prices, vendors, and competitors, enabling informed decision-making and a competitive edge.
web & application development - Saas Product

SaaS Products

Building SaaS products with reliable infrastructure, smooth integration, and uncompromised security while developing, deploying, and maintaining them.
web & application development - Web bussiness portal

Web Business Portals

Craft software that scales with your ambition. From feature-rich platforms to game-changing apps, our agile teams deliver custom builds, keeping your roadmap on track.
web & application development - App Modernization

Product Teams and Resources

Fill skill gaps and accelerate development. Access dedicated developers, designers, and product experts who seamlessly integrate with your existing team, empowering your vision.
web & application development - Project rescue and adaptation

Project Rescue & Adaptation

We rescue your jeopardized projects with in-depth analysis, developing a rescue plan, and it’s successful implementation.
web & application development - Digital marketplace

Digital Marketplace

Grow your business with custom-made, scalable digital platform and reach out to your customers through well-developed online store.
web & application development - Product feasibility and scoping

Product Feasibility & Scoping

With product feasibility & scoping consultation, we evaluate the feasibility of your product idea, conduct market research, and define the scope of the project.
web & application development - Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

We empower businesses to develop and execute comprehensive product roadmaps and create a strategic document outlining the product’s goals, objectives, and features.
web & application development - Ui Ux Design Audit

UI & UX Design Audit

Get a UI & UX audit of your web or app to identify areas for improvement, enhance usability, and create visually stunning interfaces that captivate your target audience.
web & application development - MVP Prototyping

MVP Prototyping

Quickly develop your MVP prototypes to validate your concept, collect user feedback, and make informed decisions for further development.
web & application development - Project Healthcheck

Project Healthcheck

Assess the health of your ongoing project by identifying areas of improvement and optimizing processes to ensure project success and timely delivery.

Key Features

web & application development - Scalable Software Architecture

Scalable Software Architecture

Build applications that can grow with your business.
web & application development - Scalable Software Architecture - Security


Implement robust security measures to protect your data and users.
web & application development - Scalable Software Architecture - System Testing

System Testing

Intuitive navigation for effortless interaction with pixel-perfect designs
web & application development - Scalable Software Architecture - Third-Party Integration


Seamlessly connect with essential tools and systems.
Cross Device Responsivness

Cross Device Responsivness

Uniterrupted and smooth user experience across all devices.
Collaborative & Agile Approach

Collaborative & Agile Approach

Iterative and collaborative approach that promotes flexibility and feedback.

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We help our clients maximize their growth potential!

Offshore Teams

Build Project-focused offshore teams for increased agility, lower costs, quicker time to market. Manage it yourself or ask us to do it for you.

Product Development

Use our cross-functional teams to build SaaS Products, MVPs, PoCs and more. Launch and go-to- market better, safer, faster, cheaper.

IT Back Office

Offload menial and repetitive tasks, or build a strong team of SMES offshore with improved delivery at a fraction of the onsite cost.

Team Extension

Interview, shortlist and hire, trained engineers from our bench for as long as you need. Augment your teams within 02 weeks..

What our clients say

"Datics AI is the best! We worked with them for a very long time - and they always surprised us with their work on the project and were always a step ahead of what we asked for."
Moran Bitton
Founder, Ideeza
Datics team was great to work with. They were very proactive and helped me define the requirements for the project and were able to navigate the pivots I threw at them during the development period. Always on time and always high-quality solutions.
Braden Ericson
Sparrow Marketing
Datics is a pleasure to work with when it comes to custom software development. They deliver top-notch quality software solutions within short deadlines. Over the past 2 years, I have made an exceptional working relationship with Datics AI & I would highly recommend them for their services!
Richard DeLancey
Coast Technology