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Marketing Tool, My Prize Code, was built from scratch as a web-based solution. The project underwent full fledge development where a dedicated team was assigned to the client.

Launch Date: September 2022

Marketing Tool
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Need For The Prize Code Portal:

Identifying the most effective type of appeal to the right audience has always been a challenge, especially in instances where the existing marketing channels are already saturated. To that end, there was a need to find an exciting and appealing solution, in the form of a marketing tool, geared toward grabbing the attention of the potential target audience. The objective aimed to consolidate information regarding potential customers’ preferences which can be used as a tool to help drive up sales.

The client wanted a functional system created that would be able to run marketing campaigns and consequently get an indication of when prospective clients were planning to procure a new vehicle as well as the vehicle type. The client specified that the system must have the functionality to run multiple campaigns against each individual dealership. Additionally, it was specified that the system should be developed as a B2B2C (business to business to consumer) model.

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Marketing Tool

An innovative marketing tool :

The requirements for this project were collected and noted by Datics from the client via a series of client demos, emails, and remote video meetings. My Prize Code was built from scratch as a web-based solution. The project underwent full fledge development where a dedicated team was assigned to the client. The mode of services was a B2B2C (Business to business to consumer) model and was completed within a time period of 2 months.

The project timelines were divided into the following phases:

The major modules of this project consisted of the following:

The My Prize Code case study serves as a unique means for a marketing tool. The target audience is identified using information from various sources. For example, the collected zip or pin codes of customers are used. Alternatively, customers who have visited the physical and digital locations (websites, etc) of these dealerships are also targeted. This data is then utilized in order to create a new campaign or set of campaigns that are tailor-made to the specifications and requirements of the dealerships. This includes the number of people involved in the campaign, the campaign name, and the start and end date of the campaign.

The target audience is then sent a link to the campaign through either an email or a text message/SMS. The email or text message consists of a link that directs the user to the My Prize Code website.

Here, they are asked to input their zip code and pin code that they are provided in order to claim a free gift.
Following this step, these target users are instructed to submit the following information:

After this information is collected, the dealerships can tilt their approach to fulfill these needs. For example, they can keep track of the availability of that vehicle in their stock. Additionally, they can also send an email after the specified time period to the target user(s) as a reminder for the vehicle that they showed an interest in. This serves as a call to action for these users to get in touch with the dealership and book an appointment in order to procure the vehicle of their interest.

Team Logistics:

Hours Worked: 160 Hours | Frequency Of Updates: Weekly and Bi-weekly

Marketing Tool

The Outcomes:

This marketing tool employed full fledge development with a dedicated team assigned to the client. The modules of this project allowed campaigns for the dealerships to be created and then consequently create appointments in order to get information on the customer’s next purchasing inclination for a vehicle. The users of the project modules are the individual dealerships and the people who are interested in buying vehicles.
The My Prize Code project allowed for a solution to be implemented in order to boost appointments and ultimately convert sales prospects into sales leads. This marketing tool had the ability to monitor each individual campaign. My Prize Code allowed for either multiple campaigns to be set for each customer or multiple campaigns to be set for multiple customers as well. The project also generated a report on the basis of the set requirements and parameters.

Datics provided an enhanced and improved UI/UX experience as well as empowered dealerships with the ability to collect enhanced queries and consequently organize data in the form of tables for the purpose of organizing. By choosing Datics as its technological partner, the My Prize Code solution was integrated with scalability, speed, and most importantly, security.

Development Frameworks

Marketing Tool