Staff Augmentation Services

Hassle-Free Hiring of Expert Vetted IT Resources

Get connected with our pool of rigorously vetted IT resources and quickly scale your team with the right talent. Our staff augmentation services empower startups, SMEs, and enterprises to hire highly skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate with their existing workforce, filling critical skill gaps and enhancing productivity. 

Hire From A Pool of World-Class Tech Talent

Business Analyst

Expert business analyst to improve your IT business operations and processes, identify new opportunities, and develop effective solutions to drive your business forward.

UI/UX Designer

Create visually appealing interfaces that engage and retain customers, ensuring an exceptional user experience for your product or software.


Hire experienced software developers, engineers and domain experts to build robust and scalable software systems that meet your business needs.

QA Testing Engineers

Get the top manual & automation QA test engineers, excelled to ensure the software quality by eliminating performance, functional, and other quality-related issues.

Project Managers

Drive the success of your software projects with product scoping, need assessment listing functionalities and other project requirements.

Software Architects

Design and plan the software systems, ensuring scalability, security and maintainability with expert software architects.

DevOps Engineers

Hire DevOps experts to ensure seamless integration and deployment of software systems, automating the process and monitoring the performance.

Data Analysts

Leverage to get insights and solutions with big data analysis, and providing reporting, visualization and predictions to drive business growth.

Why do Clients Choose Datics AI's Staff Augmentation Services?

IT staff augmentation is a cost-effective solution for companies that need to add IT resources to their team without the time and expense of traditional hiring methods. By working with Datics AI, you can quickly and easily find and hire the IT professionals you need, without worrying about the costs and obligations that come with permanent employees.

Quick Onboarding

We provide a quick turnaround time so that you can get the IT professionals you need on board in the shortest time.
Performance Testing Services

Flexibility to Scale

Whether you need a single resource or a whole team, our staff augmentation services allow you to scale your team as your business grows.
Functional Testing Services

Domain Experts

We have domain experts from fields like web developers, project managers, software architects, data analysts, UI/UX designers, and more.

Expert Vetted Resources

Through our rigorous vetting process, we ensure that you are getting the best of the best talent to meet your needs.

Cost Effective

Whether you need a single resource or a whole team, our staff augmentation services allow you to scale your team as your business grows.

Easy Integration

Our resources are easy to integrate into your existing team, allowing you to get up and running quickly.

Our Success Story

Case Studies | Secure Tax Office

Property Tax Management Solution

Application to maintain information pertaining to the collection, processing, management, and distribution of property taxes.
Case Studies | Dealership Toolkit

Dealership Toolkit Portal

A SAAS-based product built to empower dealerships to learn more about customers in order to increase their sales conversions.
Case Studies | Drive OTT

Run Advertising Campaigns Across Various Platforms

The Drive OTT Solution helps consolidate data and run advertisements across various platforms.

Here's what our clients say

Datics is a pleasure to work with when it comes to custom software development. They deliver top-notch quality software solutions within short deadlines. Over the past 2 years, I have made an exceptional working relationship with Datics AI & I would highly recommend them for their services!
Richard DeLancey
Coast Technology
Datics is the best! We worked with them for a very long time - and they always surprised us with their work on the project. Their team was always a step ahead of what we asked for. I highly recommend everyone to work with Umair and his team!
Moran Bitton
Datics team was great to work with. They were very proactive and helped me define the requirements for the project and were able to navigate the pivots I threw at them during the development period. Always on time and always high-quality solutions.
Braden Ericson
Sparrow Marketing

Freelancers vs Datics AI Professionals

The freelance developer market can be overwhelming with a vast pool of candidates with varying levels of skills. It can be challenging to find a freelancer who not only has the basic coding skills but also has the ability to build a complete system from start to finish that can adapt as your business evolves. Verifying the experience and skills of a freelancer can be difficult, and it is not guaranteed.


Working with freelance developers can have its drawbacks, including:

On the other hand, working with Datics AI professionals ensures:

3 Easy Steps to Hire A Resource

Datics AI

Define Your Requirements

Share your resource requirement via our website form for example area of expertise, years of experience, tech stacks and a brief about your company.

Custom Software Development Services

Discussion Call

Schedule a call with us at a convenient time to explore your requirements and objectives for your technology resource.

Custom Software Development Services

Get The Right Fit

Start a 3-day trial period with your new team member to ensure a good fit before making a long-term commitment.

Tech Stacks We Work On

Business Intelligence
UI/UX Tools
Quality Assurance & Testing
Development Stacks
Business Analysis
DevOps & Cloud Tools