Case Studies

Our case studies help demonstrate the range of services that we provide in helping to empower startups and businesses alike to not only reach but surpass their goals and expectations.

Company Values - Customer Satisfaction
Case Studies | Secure Tax Office

Property Tax Management Solution

Application to maintain information pertaining to the collection, processing, management, and distribution of property taxes.
Case Studies | Dealership Toolkit

Dealership Toolkit Portal

A SAAS-based product built to empower dealerships to learn more about customers in order to increase their sales conversions.
Case Studies | Drive OTT

Run Advertising Campaigns Across Various Platforms

The Drive OTT Solution helps consolidate data and run advertisements across various platforms.

FunTown RV Central Point

We Provide a solution for document sharing, event management, educational systems, information sharing, and centralization.
Case Studies | MyLotSpy


A platform that serves to empower users to drive up sales by gathering and centralizing information from dealerships worldwide.

Next-Gen Website Transformation

Datics empowered the U.S State Police Department with a next-generation UI/UX transformation for an improved user experience.

Secure Pay

Secure Pay is an online invoicing portal that serves as an automated system for generating and processing invoices through an organizational management portal.

RV Online Store Datics

CampTown Outfitters

The Camptown Outfitters E-Commerce case study served to provide service of facilitating the sale of camping, and outdoor gear along with RV parts, and truck accessories.

Marketing Tool

My Prize Code

My Prize Code was built from scratch as a web-based solution. The project underwent full fledge development where a dedicated team was assigned to the client.