Next-Gen Website Transformation

Datics empowered the U.S State Police Department with a next-gen website transformation focusing on UI/UX interface and designs to enhance the user experience and interaction while granting complete access to all the services and facilities that the police department had to offer.

Launch Date: 26th July 2022

Next-Gen Website Transformation Datics
The U.S State Police Department has remained committed to providing outstanding protection and services to its people since its inception. Serving a population of over 125,000 that has been experiencing a residential boom in numbers, the Police Department found itself with an increased demand for services through law enforcement. Having maintained a low crime rate for years, the police department now seeks to expand its reach and offerings to the local population with the hopes of maintaining the outstanding services and vigilant enforcement it has provided since its inception.

Need For A Next-Gen Website Transformation:

The existing police department’s website had an outdated user interface that did not offer an optimal interactive experience for the local population. There was difficulty in navigating through the website and accessing information pertaining to different areas of services that the U.S State Police Department had to offer. There was a need to revolutionize the existing website for the police department.
This website dated back to the early 2000s and we employed an approach aiming to integrate all the services that the U.S State Police Department had to offer.
These services included a career portal, informational access, news releases, and access to the training academy material.
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Next-Gen Website Transformation Datics

Our Solution

Numerous modules were established in order to direct the refinement efforts in an effective manner. The major modules of the revamping efforts included a login module, administrative user management, website menus, homepage, about us page, contact us page, news releases section, and careers page for vacancies.
There was also a need to integrate the training modules offered by the police department for access by the local population.
Multiple police department websites were analyzed in terms of what they are used for and how their information architecture is structured. After this analysis, the latest technologies along with cutting-edge UI/UX practices were employed to give users a more interactive, easy-to-use, user-friendly, and engaging experience.
Our template was made completely from scratch and intended to be kept lightweight allowing for faster processing speed and an overall ease of use.

Team Logistics:

Hours Worked: 654 Hours | Frequency Of Updates: Weekly

The Next-Gen Website Transformation:

Even though a vast information architecture of the existing website was available, it was challenging to apply the latest UI/UX practices to it. By executing this Next-Gen Website Transformation of the U.S State Police Department website provided a new, improved, more interactive, user-friendly, and engaging user experience for the local population.
The general populace were granted ease of access to all the facilities and services that the U.S State Police department had to offer. The key features that observed a significant improvement were responsiveness, interactiveness, user-friendly interface, and convenience.
Several training modules were added to the revamped website which both employees of the U.S State Police Department and the local public could access. Additionally, candidates seeking job opportunities can now easily apply through the careers page on the website.
Social media feeds were incorporated into the website. A portal for applying for vacancies in the police department were integrated into the revamped website. The local public could now easily access and pay taxes, fines and outstanding fees through a separate portal that was incorporated.
By choosing to sign Datics as its product development specialist, the U.S State Police Department was guaranteed reliability, quick support and response on an urgent basis, with changes being incorporated within a narrow time frame, and ultimately a scalable website that fulfills the needs of its target users, both the administration of the U.S State Police Department and the general populace which this department serves.

Development Frameworks

Next-Gen Website Transformation