FunTown RV Central Point

Organization Management Solution, The FunTown RV Central Point was a web application built from scratch that effectively provides a solution for document sharing, event management, educational systems, information sharing, and centralization.

Launch Date: 2021

organization management
organization management
Funtown RV is an organization that sells RVs. They have different dealerships at various locations across the country in different states. They have expanded to 22 locations across Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Illinois with each office having multiple departments. As a big organization, there was difficulty in managing all 900 employees in an effective and efficient manner. To this end, there was a need to build an organization management solution or application which manages different aspects of the organization such as document sharing, educational systems, information sharing, and centralization.

The Need For FunTown RV:

Often times there is no centralized platform where planned or scheduled activities and events within the organization can be marked. This is where the Events Management Module comes into play. It serves to create a calendar where different events can be marked along with the location of the event, the relevant departments, and the designated time of the event(s). It also allows invitations to be sent out accordingly.
The Internal Recruiting Module facilitates the change of departments for an employee within the organization; in case of a vacancy in a particular department, an employee from another department can be shifted or transferred to fill in the vacancy.
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organization management

Organization Management Solution

Fun Town RV Central Point was a web-based application built from scratch and was a medium-level complexity project. Datics was assigned full-fledged development and complete project management of the project.
A great emphasis was placed on improving the user experience and interface with a focus on the application’s generic design including elements such as the theme, font style, etc.
The project consisted of the following modules:

As a whole, these modules allow ease of access to documents within the organization, an option to manage and retain up-to-date organizational charts, a secure database of information of all employees of the organization, and lastly a vibrant blog facilitation/optimization, the facility of managing extensive training and educational initiatives and modules within the organization, and document management system that provides important information and insights in the company culture.
The application facilitates employees in communication, knowledge sharing, and file management. With the help of this solution, employees feel more connected with each other and the organization and find it easier to access the required resources whenever they may need them.


As a result of the FunTown RV- Central point, the organization management solution essentially provided a web application, built from scratch with one centralized solution consisting of employee management, document management, and educational management within the organization.

It enables the organization to centralize information while at the same time allowing knowledge sharing across the organization. It provides a scalable document management system integrated with employee management. The solution facilitates internal training and educational initiatives throughout the organization through which an employee’s performance and evaluation can also be tracked. FunTown RV – Central Point also allows for engaging employee-generated content, such as event calendars for coordination and smooth execution throughout the organization.

Development Frameworks

organization management