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Drive Growth & Efficiency with Business Analysis

Empower your business with customized solutions that deliver data-driven insights and optimized processes. Our business analysis consulting services enable you to make informed decisions based on market research and scoping to achieve your strategic goals.

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Business Analysis Services We Offer

We offer tailored business analysis solutions that cover every aspect of your approach. Our experienced team of business analysts offers a wide range of consulting services that encompass every aspect of your approach. Whether you’re launching a new project, optimizing existing products, or seeking deeper insights into your operations, we have the expertise and tools to deliver customized solutions that work as catalysts in your business’ growth.

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Product Health Check

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How to Leverage Business Analysis Services
For Your Business

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Get a comprehensive analysis of your business’ needs, mitigating potential risks while maximizing opportunities.

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Alignment of Deliverables with Objectives

Achieve & surpass your business goals effectively while maximizing return on investment.

Business Analysis | Datics AI

Re-working Cost

Identify potential issues early in the project lifecycle and ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

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Improved Collaboration with Stakeholders

Improve collaboration with stakeholders ensuring greater transparency throughout the project life cycle.

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Scoping &

Providing a clear roadmap for your project, ensuring all efforts and resources are focused 
on the most critical tasks.

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Health Check

Comprehensive analysis of your existing products, allowing for performance optimization, reduced costs, and a maximum return on investment.

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Flexible Engagement Model

Customizable approach to meet your specific needs, ensuring the 
right level of support, at the right time, in a price that suits you.

Business Analysis | Datics AI

Superior Skills
& Expertise

Our breadth of experience is primed to deliver effective solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Our Business Analysis Processes

BA Activity in End-to-End Product Development
We provide end-to-end business analysis services for the entire product lifecycle, from goals and requirements to implementation, support, and enhancements.
1. Define Goals
Business goals and product vision are identified and defined through research and alignment with client’s objectives.
2. Requirements Gathering
Software requirements are gathered, analyzed, and documented to ensure alignment with business goals and product vision.
3. Documentation
Project documentation and artifacts are created to provide a clear roadmap for product development.
4. Design & amp
Prototype Solution design and prototypes are developed to validate the product concept and obtain feedback.
5. Development Support
Collaboration with development teams to assist in implementation and provide ongoing support during the post-implementation phase.
Project Discovery
Get your idea off the ground or your product soaring again. We’ll help you lock down requirements, optimize your solution, and bridge any planning gaps.
1. Research
Conduct market research about product and identify competitors.
2. Define & Prioritize Business Goals
Identify and define project objectives and goals.
3. Identify Success Metrics
Clearly state the success metrics and deliverables for the project.
4. Collect Technical Requirement
Gather and document all necessary technical project requirements.
5. Validation & Testing
Develop a prototype to test its validation.
6. Deliver
Share data and prototype with the client for feedback.
Product Health Check
A product health check is run for existing products of clients by our Business Analysts. They examine the current processes, note gaps, identify areas of improvement and capabilities which are to be integrated, and share their findings with the client
1. Initiation
Meet with the client and understand their pain points.
2. Inspection
Go through existing documentation and have product walkthroughs.
3. Analysis
Analyze process flows and features.
4. Gap Identification & Recommendation
Identify gaps and required future capabilities.
5. Reporting
Share findings and recommendations with the client.
Project Scoping
Our business analysis scoping service provides a high-level overview of your project. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is on the same page about project goals and that a solid plan is in place to guide the project from start to finish.
1. Requirement Gathering
This involves gathering information about the project goals, objectives, and requirements from the client and other stakeholders.
2. Evaluation
Identify the scope of the project: defining the boundaries of the project, including what is in scope and what is out of scope.
3. Determine Feasibility
Assess the feasibility of the project based on various factors such as resources, timelines, and budget.
4. Develop a Project Plan
Create a comprehensive project plan that outlines the project scope, timeline, budget, resources needed, and deliverables.
5. Obtain Stakeholder Buy-In
Present the project plan to the stakeholders for approval and ensure that everyone is on the same page before moving on to the next phase.

Our Tools & Technologies

Datics AI’s team of expert business analysts possess a wealth of experience in utilizing various cutting-edge business analysis tools to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to our clients.

Business Analysis | Datics AI
Business Analysis | Datics AI
Business Analysis | Datics AI
Business Analysis | Datics AI
Business Analysis | Datics AI

Our Success Stories

Case Study 1

Property Tax Management Solution


Secure Taxation is a centralized tax management system that empowers a US state department. The system enables the processing of property taxes including the collection of payments from tax payers, printing checks for refunding payment to the taxpayer and balancing the payments.

  • Time-consuming job for Sheriffs.
  • Old-fashioned, non-user-friendly portal for taxpayers.
  • Users cannot pay their taxes online.
  • Absence of a functional online platform to pay taxes.

The Tax Office Management system was made from scratch as a Web Application with support from a product client support team through full-fledged development. It consisted of the following modules:

  • Batch management
  • Payment collections
  • Refund processing
  • Transaction reversals
  • Redemption payments
  • Closing month & distributions
  • Tax sale management
  • Change order processing & reports
  • Secure, efficient, and user-friendly interface for effective property tax management.
  • Collect, manage, and distribute taxes more efficiently.
  • Lesser time consumption.
  • Users can now pay taxes from the comfort of their homes.

What our clients say

Datics AI is the best! We worked with them for a very long time - and they always surprised us with their work on the project and were always a step ahead of what we asked for.
Moran Bitton
Founder, Ideeza
Datics team was great to work with. They were very proactive and helped me define the requirements for the project and were able to navigate the pivots I threw at them during the development period. Always on time and always high-quality solutions.
Braden Ericson
Sparrow Marketing
Datics is a pleasure to work with when it comes to custom software development. They deliver top-notch quality software solutions within short deadlines. Over the past 2 years, I have made an exceptional working relationship with Datics AI & I would highly recommend them for their services!
Richard DeLancey
Coast Technology

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