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Transform Your Business with Data Analytics, AI & ML

We leverage cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning to help businesses make smarter decisions and improve customer experience. Our data science consulting services can help you achieve better results through steady insights into your data.  

data science consulting

Data Science Consulting Services We Offer

Historic Analysis

Predictive Analysis

How Data Science Revolutionize Businesses

Data Science Consulting I Datics AI

Maximize Sales with Data Analytics

Data science helps you boost your sales by leveraging data analysis and machine learning. Get personalized solutions to reduce churn, increase conversions and average order value (AOV), and improve customer experience.

Data Science Consulting I Datics AI

Streamline Business Efficiency

With data analytics businesses can adopt predictive maintenance, and optimize data for dealers through machine learning models. Data leverage finance and taxation clients automate processes, enhance fraud analytics and risk management.
Data Science Consulting I Datics AI

Minimize Risks with Advanced Analytics

By implementing prescriptive analytics and machine learning models, data science helps you qualify leads, predict market demand, resolve challenges and boost your ROI. You can effectively manage risks and make informed decisions with data.
Data Science Consulting I Datics AI

Operations Optimization

Machine learning techniques improve key processes, optimize manual workload, parts & inventory management, and performance measurements. This results in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
Data Science Consulting I Datics AI

Revolutionize User Experience

Artificial intelligence creates intelligent digital assistants using NLP, CV, and deep learning techniques. It transforms unstructured data into meaningful insights to improve communication, provide exceptional user experience and increased customer acquisition.
Data Science Consulting I Datics AI

Enhance Customer Engagement

By using deep data analysis and machine learning, data science services can help you analyze customer behavior, preferences and feedback to tailor your services and create personalized experiences that increase customer loyalty.

Data Science Use Cases

Data Science Use Cases

Tech Stacks We Work On

Data Science Consulting I Datics AI
Data Science Consulting I Datics AI
Tech Stacks
data science consulting
data science consulting
data science consulting
data science consulting
Data Analysis

We Predict Results Based On Your Data Analysis

Data Science Consulting empowers companies to unlock hidden value in their data and drive growth through actionable insights. Datics AI leverages cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning to help businesses make smarter decisions and improve customer experience. By combining vast data sets with our expertise, we help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals.

What you get with Our Data Science Consulting Services


A module for data analytics and modeling


Predictive and optimization model microservices as required


Complete documentation and source code


Consultancy on data flow, reporting, presentations, and demo sessions


Guaranteed quality level as per agreement


Deployment of analytics models

AI & ML Use Cases

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

AI Based Meter Reading


An electric service provider requires meter reading image to be captured and sent with current bill as proof. An image is taken and a form is filled manually, which results in billing period per meter to increase.


Image Capturing cannot be standardized

  • Only some meters are installed as per the guidelines
  • Some meter are installed upside down
  • Some meters are installed in the dark
  • Some meters are installed at foolish heights

The solution is designed to extract meter reading from meter images and their meta data by leveraging deep learning algorithms. Output is captured in a CSV or Database.

  • Automated solution
  • Human intervention minimized, and resource cost saved
  • Shortened billing period (more meters read per day)
  • Progress insights available daily

AI Based Form Digitization


Finance based large scale company is collecting millions of form which are handwritten. They want to extract this information in digital records, so that the required analytics can be done.

  • Poor handwriting
  • Variety of forms to extract information
  • Overlapping data in different fields
  • Document scan quality
  • Accuracy

With properly trained for specific document formats, deep neural network technology – including categories like convolutional networks, recurrent networks, attention networks, differentiable networks, etc. – we reached up to 99% accuracy at field level.

  • Information digitization
  • Human intervention minimized, and resource costs saved
  • Self learning solution
  • High accuracy and reliability

ML Based Targeted Marketing


A global travel retailer sells product lines from various big fashion brands, and wants to select a small but high potential customer base for running targeted marketing campaigns for specific product lines. Thus, it becomes a problem of searching for a needle in a haystack to find the right customer for the different brands and product lines.

  • Huge customer base of 5-6 million
  • Marketing constraints of 40k emails allow for only a fraction of recipient selection
  • After accounting for BAU and control group, we can only select about 10k users for a fashion brand campaign
  • The customer base is also quite niche

The solution used an ensemble of temporal buying behaviour and deep neural network models to model the propensity of the entire customer base to buy the product line/ brand. Top 10k users with highest propensity were selected for campaign.

  • Replicable campaign solution was created for the client
  • Top 10k users showed a higher lift and gain across validation and live tests
  • A/B test confirmed improvement over BAU methods of mass marketing
  • 40% improvement in engagement over our control set was observed over multiple campaigns

Business Intelligence Use Cases

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Big Data/Real Time Analytics/Log Analytics


The client is generating 1000+ requests per second from mobile devices. During peak time the system faced latency issues and web portal became unresponsive. They wanted the system to be highly responsive both to mobile devices and their inhouse reporting server.

  • The ELK Stack
  • Elasticsearch
  • Logstash
  • Kibana
Use Cases
  • Risk management
  • Security analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Fraud detection
  • E-commerce personalization
  • Infrastructure monitoring & support

Big Data / Migration


The client (a multinational FMCG) wanted to consolidate all imagery data within their environment into a single repository for easier management and access control. The solution needed to be connected to multiple external applications, should be easily scalable and provide a repository on which image recognition models can be run on at a later stage.


Global Photo Hub on Microsoft Azure

Services Used
  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure function apps
  • Azure web apps
  • Azure blob storage
  • Azure logic apps
  • Python libraries

Data Warehousing & BI


The client (a Tracking Services company) wanted to revamp their tracking applications and management systems to included new components. With the unavailability of time and human resources their business was getting affected and their data center was becoming outdated in keeping up with new technologies and requirements.


New IOT solution on the Microsoft Azure using latest technologies and frameworks.

Services & Components Used
  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure SQL DB
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Synapse DWH
  • Azure Web Apps
  • .NET Framework

What our clients say

Datics AI is the best! We worked with them for a very long time - and they always surprised us with their work on the project and were always a step ahead of what we asked for.
Moran Bitton
Founder, Ideeza
Datics team was great to work with. They were very proactive and helped me define the requirements for the project and were able to navigate the pivots I threw at them during the development period. Always on time and always high-quality solutions.
Braden Ericson
Sparrow Marketing
Datics is a pleasure to work with when it comes to custom software development. They deliver top-notch quality software solutions within short deadlines. Over the past 2 years, I have made an exceptional working relationship with Datics AI & I would highly recommend them for their services!
Richard DeLancey
Coast Technology

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