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Leverage cutting-edge DevOps and Cloud practices to streamline your software development lifecycle by building, deploying, and managing software applications with speed, agility, and efficiency.

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

How to Leverage DevOps & Cloud Services
For Your Business

CI/CD Pipelines

Facilitating continuous integration, testing, and deployment of software changes to accelerate the delivery of high-quality applications.

Automation Scripts & Configuration Management​

Enabling automated provisioning and management of infrastructure and applications, ensuring consistency, reliability, and scalability.

Micro-services Deployment (Docker & Kubernetes)​

Enabling developers to build, deploy, and manage scalable, modular, and resilient applications in a distributed environment.


Enable automation and scalability in managing infrastructure and applications.

Cloud Assessment​

Evaluating an organization’s cloud readiness, identifying areas for improvement, and determining the best cloud solutions.

Cost Optimization​

Reducing expenses while improving efficiency, scalability, and reliability in the delivery and management of cloud-based applications.

On-Prem to Cloud Migration​

Moving IT Infrastructure to cloud-based environment, enabling DevOps teams to leverage cloud services for increased scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Solution Designing​

Creating scalable, efficient, and secure software architectures that meet business requirements and can be easily maintained and deployed.

Hybrid Cloud
Solution Designing​

Creating seamless and efficient integration between public and private cloud environments, allowing for optimal resource utilization, scalability, and flexibility.

Multi Cloud
Solution Designing​

Creating and implementing a strategy to deploy and manage applications across multiple cloud platforms for optimized performance, cost, and flexibility while ensuring high availability and security.

DevOps as a Service

DevOps as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based service model that provides organizations with a fully managed DevOps platform. We enable organizations to focus on their core business activities while we, the service provider, takes care of the infrastructure and tools required to run smooth Development Operations.


Infrastructure as
Code (IaC)

Develop and manage infrastructure as code to automate the provisioning, scaling, and management of IT resources.


Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

Automate the building, testing, and deployment of software, using tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, and CircleCI.


Containerization &

Package software in containers and manage those containers using orchestration tools like Docker and Kubernetes.


Cloud Infrastructure

Manage and optimize the use of cloud-based infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Security &

Ensure that your software development and deployment processes comply with security and regulatory requirements.

Public Cloud Managed services

Managed Application Services

Managed Cloud Services

Our Cloud Migration Process

From application assessment to eventual management and security, Datics AI facilitates the cloud migration journey through the following process.

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

1. Assessment & Planning

We evaluate your current IT infrastructure through comprehensive application assessment.

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

2. Design & Deploy​

This involves transferring data from on-premise servers or other cloud providers to the target cloud environment.​

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

3. Application Modernization​

Adapting existing applications by choosing a deployment service model from PaaS, IaaS and CaaS.​

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

4. Secure & Manage​

Ensuring complete implementation of security measures for fool-proof application.​

Multi-Cloud Strategy

We enable businesses to leverage the best of different cloud platforms, ensuring cost optimization, high availability, and scalability.


Big Data



DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI


DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI


DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI


DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

Industries We've Transformed

From recreational vehicles to digital marketing, our DevOps and cloud solutions have empowered diverse industries to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and accelerate growth through online platforms and automations.

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI


DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

Digital Marketing​

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

U.S Government​

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

Electronics ​

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI


Tech Stacks We Work On

DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI
DevOps & Cloud Services | Datics AI

Our Success Stories

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Migrating Resources: Seamless Transition from One AWS Account to Another


The client has an application running on their AWS account, with the Front-end hosted on an S3 bucket, the back-end running on an EC2 instance, and the database stored on an RDS instance. The client wanted to migrate the entire application to a new AWS account while maintaining its current architecture and functionality with minimal disruption to the application’s operation.

  • Data transfer: Moving the application to a new AWS account required transferring data from the existing RDS instance to the new one.
  • Configuration management: The configuration of each component needed to be replicated exactly as it is in the existing account.
  • Security: The new account must be configured with the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Compatibility: The new account must be compatible with the existing application components to maintain its architecture and functionality.
  • Downtime: The migration process might require some downtime for the application, which could cause inconvenience to users. The challenge is to minimize downtime during the migration process.
Solution Provided
  • Data transfer: Used AWS Database Migration Tool to transfer data with minimal disruption.
  • Configuration management: Used AWS CloudFormation to replicate identical components in the new account.
  • Security: Exported IAM policies from the existing account and imported them into the new account to ensure correct configuration.
  • Compatibility: Verified that the new account supports the existing version of software components.
  • Downtime: Performed migration during off-peak hours and used the DNS switch to minimize downtime.
  • Successful data transfer from the existing RDS instance to the new one.
  • Accurate replication of the existing architecture and configuration of the application.
  • Proper security configuration, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Maintenance of the existing application’s architecture and functionality.
  • Minimal disruption to the application during the migration process, with limited downtime.

Infrastructure Provisioning using Infrastructure as Code


The client’s current infrastructure provisioning process was slow and manual, leading to delays in deploying new services and applications. They wanted to adopt Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate the process but lacked the expertise to implement it effectively. The challenge was to implement IaC in a way that maximizes efficiency, reliability, and security while minimizing errors.

  • Infrastructure Complexity: The complexity of infrastructure could make the adoption of IaC templates challenging.
  • Tool Selection: Choosing the right IaC tool could be difficult due to the diverse range of features, and functionality.
  • Testing and Validation: Proper testing and validation of IaC templates is critical but can be time-consuming.
  • Governance and Compliance: Additional governance and compliance measures might be needed to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and policies.
  • Scalability: Ensuring that IaC templates could be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of the organization.
Solution Provided
  • Infrastructure Complexity: Simplified infrastructure components and used modular and standardized templates to ensure consistency across different components.
  • Tool Selection: Chose an IaC tool based on the organization’s needs and requirements. Considered factors such as ease of use, scalability, and community support, and used tools such as Terraform.
  • Testing and Validation: Developed a reliable testing process that ensured IaC templates are consistent and secure.
  • Governance and Compliance: Established clear governance policies and compliance frameworks that aligned with regulatory requirements and organizational policies.
  • Scalability: Developed IaC templates that can be easily scaled based on changing organizations.
  • Simplified infrastructure using standardized templates, resulting in reduced complexity and faster deployment.
  • Faster time-to-market for new products and features.
  • Improved collaboration among teams through standardized templates and a reliable testing process.
  • Increased security and compliance with reliable testing, clear governance policies, and compliance frameworks.
  • Greater scalability and flexibility by developing easily scalable IaC templates to adapt to changing business requirements.

Effortless Migration: Transferring Hosted Zones Across AWS Accounts


The client needed to migrate their Hosted Zones from one AWS account to another due to organizational changes while maintaining the DNS service’s integrity and availability. The migration process must be planned and executed carefully to prevent service disruptions, configuration errors, and security issues. Dependencies and resources associated with the Hosted Zones must be identified and replicated in the new account.

  • DNS propagation: Changes in the Hosted Zones could lead to inconsistencies and service disruptions until the DNS propagation is complete, potentially affecting user experience and reputation.
  • Configuration errors: Configuration errors in the Hosted Zones could cause service disruptions and affect user experience.
  • Security concerns: Migration could expose sensitive information, so proper security measures must be in place to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Resource dependencies: Dependencies and resources associated with the Hosted Zones must be identified and replicated in the new AWS account, ensuring that all relevant resources were moved without any errors or service disruptions.
  • Testing: The migration plan must be thoroughly tested to ensure that the DNS service’s integrity and availability were maintained during and after the migration.
Solution Provided
  • DNS propagation: Set low TTL to reduce propagation time, and monitor DNS resolution during and after migration.
  • Configuration errors: Test Hosted Zones configuration, kept backup of old config to revert if needed.
  • Security concerns: Used secure communication channels (such as HTTPS) and access controls to protect sensitive information during migration.
  • Resource dependencies: Performed an inventory of infrastructure and dependencies, and ensured required resources were replicated.
  • Testing: Thoroughly tested the new Hosted Zones configurations before migration and validate the DNS service’s integrity and availability during and after migration. Used testing tools to simulate user requests and monitor the DNS service during the migration process.
  • Reduced service disruptions: By setting a low TTL, monitoring DNS resolution, and testing the configuration before migration, the client can minimize the risk of service disruptions.
  • Enhanced security: By using secure communication channels and access controls, the client can protect sensitive information during migration, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security threats.
  • Simplified migration process: By identifying resource dependencies, performing an inventory of infrastructure, and using automation tools, the migration process can be simplified, making it easier for the client to move the
  • Hosted Zones from one AWS account to another.
  • Increased DNS service reliability: By thoroughly testing the new Hosted Zones configurations and monitoring the DNS service during and after migration, the client can validate the DNS service’s integrity and availability, ensuring a reliable and stable service for users.
  • Better compliance: By ensuring that compliance requirements are met during migration, the client can avoid any legal or regulatory issues that could arise from non-compliance.

AWS Managed Services for Fast-Growing Startup Infrastructure


As a fast-growing startup, managing IT infrastructure can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. However, not having a reliable and scalable infrastructure can lead to poor performance and hinder growth. The startup needed a solution that allows them to focus on their core business while ensuring their infrastructure is reliable, scalable, and secure, and can adapt to their changing business needs.

  • Limited resources: The startup might not have the expertise or manpower to manage their IT infrastructure effectively.
  • Scalability: The startup needed an infrastructure that could scale quickly and easily to support their growing customer base.
  • Security: The startup needed to ensure that their infrastructure was secure and protected against potential threats, such as cyber-attacks or data breaches.
  • Cost optimization: The startup needed to optimize their infrastructure costs to ensure that they were not overspending on resources they don’t need.
  • Compatibility: The startup might need to ensure that the managed services solution was compatible with their existing applications and infrastructure.
Solution Provided
  • Infrastructure management: Used AWS Managed Services to streamline infrastructure management and reduce operational overheads. Utilized Spot and Reserved Instances to optimize costs and achieve savings.
  • Automated Scaling: Ensured scalability of infrastructure by leveraging AWS Auto Scaling and Elastic Beanstalk, which provided automated scaling and seamless deployment of web applications.
  • Cost optimization: Utilized AWS cost management tools to optimize the cost of the infrastructure and avoid any unnecessary expenses.
  • Security: Implemented strong security measures, such as encryption and access controls, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the infrastructure and data.
  • Scalability: Used AWS-managed services, such as Amazon RDS and Elastic Load Balancing, to easily scale the infrastructure as the startup grows, without the need for significant manual intervention.
  • Increased operational efficiency due to optimized infrastructure management with AWS Managed Services.
  • Enhanced security and compliance posture of the startup’s infrastructure through AWS Managed Services’ security features and compliance certifications.
  • Improved scalability and agility of the startup’s infrastructure, allowing for faster innovation and time-to-market.
  • Reduced infrastructure management costs by leveraging AWS Managed Services’ automation and cost optimization features.
  • Increased reliability and availability of the startup’s infrastructure, with 24/7 monitoring and support from AWS Managed Services.

What our clients say

Datics AI is the best! We worked with them for a very long time - and they always surprised us with their work on the project and were always a step ahead of what we asked for.
Moran Bitton
Founder, Ideeza
Datics is a pleasure to work with when it comes to custom software development. They deliver top-notch quality software solutions within short deadlines. Over the past 2 years, I have made an exceptional working relationship with Datics AI & I would highly recommend them for their services!
Richard DeLancey
Coast Technology
Datics team was great to work with. They were very proactive and helped me define the requirements for the project and were able to navigate the pivots I threw at them during the development period. Always on time and always high-quality solutions.
Braden Ericson
Sparrow Marketing

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