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IT Services for Startups

Startups thrive on agility, requiring swift adjustments and quick scaling. Datics AI offers this flexibility with its custom IT services for startups, allowing us to form a dynamic alliance that effortlessly adapts to change. Our proven track record includes successfully guiding startups through rapid growth phases. Clients rely on us to understand their evolving technical needs, supported by engineering teams with the same level of passion as you.


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How We Help Startups

MVP Development

Fast-track your idea. Prototype, iterate, and launch your minimum viable product with speed and focus. Secure funding with lean solutions that validate your concept.

Software Development

Craft software that scales with your ambition. From feature-rich platforms to game-changing apps, our agile teams deliver custom builds, keeping your roadmap on track.

Product Teams and Resources

Fill skill gaps and accelerate development. Access dedicated developers, designers, and product experts who seamlessly integrate with your existing team, empowering your vision.

CTO as a Service

Get expert guidance without the hefty price tag. Our seasoned tech leaders provide strategic direction on architecture, roadmaps, and investments, keeping you ahead of the curve.

web & application development - Project rescue and adaptation

Technology Consulting

Demystify complex tech decisions with confidence. Navigate the landscape with our unbiased expertise on cloud solutions, security best practices, and future-proof technologies, fueling your long-term growth.
web & application development - Digital marketplace

Scaling Mature Startups

Ascend to global scale. We fuel mature startups with optimized tech, automation, and data-driven insights. Conquer new markets and unlock your full potential.

How it works

Step 1:
Discovery Call

Set up a free of cost evaluation meeting where we hop on a call with you so you can share your challenges and needs.

Step 2:
Shortlisting Candidates

Once you confirm, we start assembling your team. We source, pre-screen and interview the candidates. But you don't pay until you hire them.

Step 3:
Interview Your Candidates

Meet the candidates. Interview and test your future teammates to satisfy your requirements. Hire the ones you like on the spot.

Step 4:
On-board Your Team Member

Forget about the boring stuff and onboard your new team member(s). Start building your product.

Our Partnerships Model


We handpick seasoned engineers who seamlessly integrate into your existing team, utilizing shared tools and workflows. Think of them as extensions of your squad, ready to tackle critical projects with speed and precision.

Ideal for:

  • Fill skill gaps for MVPs or time-sensitive initiatives without long-term commitments.
  • Boost resources for peak workloads or rapid growth without straining your budget.
  • Seamless integration with your team culture and existing methodologies.


We assemble dedicated product teams specifically tailored to your goals and boost your time-to-market. Collaborate side-by-side, share ownership, and watch your ideas take flight with a long-term tech partnership at your side.

Ideal for:

  • Secure ongoing tech expertise and support alongside strategic guidance.
  • Navigate complex tech landscapes with a trusted partner by your side.
  • Build and scale dedicated squads that drive innovation and deliver impactful results.


Our team takes care of everything, leaving you to focus on what matters: company growth. Not only can we develop your project from scratch, but we excel at business analysis, technical documentation, prototyping, design, software development, and quality assurance.

Ideal for:

  • First-time collaborations with an outside software provider
  • Product expansion requiring specialized knowledge beyond your team’s capacity
  • Comprehensive development that frees up your core team for other vital tasks


Faster Time to Market

Launch faster with streamlined processes and dedicated experts.

Focus on Business Goals

We handle talent acquisition, so you can sharpen your focus on what drives your business forward.

Immediate Start

Skip onboarding delays. Your dream team starts contributing within days.

No Strings Attached

No long-term commitments or hidden costs. Evolve flexibly at your own pace. ️

Quickly Scale Up & Down

Quickly upscale or downscale your development team when needed with our no strings attached approach.

Cut Down Cost

Up to 50% cost savings by completely eliminating overhead, administrative and recruitment costs, without compromising on quality.

We Help Startups Succeed in Any Industry


Marketing & Media

Robotics & Hardware



Case Studies

We build customized solutions for businesses to compete, seize new opportunities, overcome business challenges in some of the world’s leading marketplaces.

Creating High Quality Videos with AI Assisted Solution

Aeon is martech satrtup focused on building a machine-learning platform for publishers to convert articles into high-quality videos. With its advanced AI and ML technology it transforms web pages into a professional-grade video.

Empowering Dental Practices & DSO's

Peerlogic dental software is conversational AI SaaS platform designed to save time and schedule more appointments. Its cutting-edge technology empowers practices to execute actionable insights that lead to more patients, operational efficiency, and staff optimization.